Thursday, October 7, 2010

Beter late then never

I know I missed posting for Wednesday. We had a lot of running around to do today. Had to go to the library, then to the salvation army (needed tea cups for the tea party). Then we decided to go and look at TV's the one that I have in the bedroom was a cheap one when I bought it a couple years ago. For the past year it has been showing its age. When it is shut off it has color spots that glow. And since Grim is going to be laid up on Monday. We thought that it was a good idea to replace it. It was a 20 inch flat screen and now we have a 26 inch flat lcd tv. The color is very good and it is super bright. No more wondering what is going on in a dark room on criminal minds... LOL!

The reason I'm up so late is that damn dog of mine is feeling way better. Better then he has a right to. He wasn't feeling well and we knew he had an ear infection. The over the counter meds did nothing so last week we took him to the vet. Sure enough he had a really bad infection in the one ear and just an ordinary infection in the other. He also had an eye infection. Well, he has been on meds for the last 6 days and tonight he wants to play. Everyone is in bed and he was howling in his kennel. I was hoping he just had to pee. No such luck! He is jumping around like he is a puppy. The sad thing is he couldn't have been like this when the monsters were still up. No! He has to do this while I'm trying to sleep. So here I sit at the computer while he's wandering around with all this energy. LOL! Damn dog!!!

I know that I haven't really mentioned this before, Grim is going to have surgery on his shoulder on Monday. This is to hopefully repair the damage that was done to him when he was in the motorcycle accident back the end of March. He has had the cortozone shots then he did therapy, now surgery. I wish that the dumb ass that ran him off the road had been paying more attention but I'm thankful that he didn't get hurt worse or killed. Once the surgery is done, we have been told that the recovery time is like 3 to 4 months. What a mess this whole thing is. 

Here are few things for Halloween countdowns....


Wandering Willow said...

I'll be sending positive thoughts your husbands way for his surgery! Can't wait for your countdowns! And I know what you mean about dark rooms on old tvs "what are they doing? what is happening??" were many questions asked in our house before we upgraded lol :)