Sunday, October 3, 2010

A day at a Farm!

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Well, not your ordinary farm but a Chestnut tree farm. We were some of the last folks to be allowed to pick. The season came on early and in turn ended early. Grim and the monsters had a blast hitting Green Spikey balls of death out of the trees using a hockey stick! There were only a few minor injuries. Mouthy got a splinter, Grim took a spike under the nail and we were each hit in a soft spot with at least one spikey ball. I know it sounds dangerous, but the gang had a ton of fun. We even put our name on the list to be one of the first notified when the season starts next year. Oh, even though we were there at the end. We still got 15 pounds in just about an hour. The owner said that if the season would have been better we would have gotten double or triple the amount in the same time. So since we have never even eaten chestnuts before I need to find and share some information with all of you!

Here is a great site on the how to cook chestnuts plus a couple of recipes. - Guide - Chestnuts
And here is page after page of recipes. Recipes at Epicuious

While I was typing this post the phone rang. It was from my long lost uncle. I haven't spoken with him in about a year and a half. Since he travels quite a bit, he canceled his home phone and never got around to getting a cell phone. I love hearing from him. He is like a big brother to me. He is only a few years older and he was always the one that was there even when he was gone off on his own adventures. I'm happy to hear that he is alive and doing well. Now I have numbers where I can leave messages for him and he knows that I love him and not mad because of our time apart.

Love you Crusty!!!

Gotta Run,


Ketutar said...

LOL It sounds like a lot of fun :-)
Now I'm a bit worried for you though, if you have never eaten them before... they are a bit special. You either like them or you don't... my husband loves them, I hate them :-D

Yart said...

Actually, we all tried them raw and really liked them. We are looking forward to cooking some up.