Saturday, October 2, 2010

It's pumpkin time again

Since I have a huge pumpkin that I will be cooking up this weekend. I thought that it was a perfect time to look for some pumpkin recipes.... And boy howdy did I!

These are in no particular order:
At the Pumpkin Nook there is a ton of foods to drool over but the one that sounds so good to me is the Pumpkin Banana Pancakes.... I don't even like pancakes and I want to try one of these!!!
(Aunt Janet's) Pumpkin Dump Cake.... What could be easier?

It's a good thing I found this link last.... It is All I can say is this ain't your grandma's pumpkin pie site... WoW! Now I'm starving.... Let me leave you with how to cook a Pumpkin - Pumpkin Recipes

Gotta Run,


Whirliegig said...

Fantastic list! Our sugar pumpkins didn't do well this year but I plan on purchasing at least a dozen for misc recipes over the winter. Mmm. How 'bout pumpkin and persimmon bread????

Ketutar said...

I agree, great list :-)
I like pumpkins :-) They behave a bit like both roots and fruits.
You can also use the recipes made for carrots and sweet potato for pumpkin. ;-)

In this family we love pumpkin in all shapes and sizes :-D Pumpkin pie, pumpkin casserole and pumpkin-apple-jam are most often made.

Our pumpkin-apple-jam is very much like this one:

and pumpkin casserole is a bit like this one:

Also oven-roasted pumpkin as side dish... yum :-)

Here's a little more

Sadge said...

If you end up with a real pumpkin glut, you could always try pumpkin pie leather: