Saturday, October 30, 2010

Toothaches, Tornados and Halloween

I know I havent' been around all week. We have been running like chickens..... Grims, therapy went well this week until he strained a muscle near his elbow. He still had to go but they did different things with him. It is better now. He is happy to have the weekend to rest up.

Grim and I out ran a tornado the other day. It was part of the storm that took the northeast by surprise. We even went to get the monsters from school early. It wasn't a nice storm. I didn't get any pictures of that but I did pics later in the day from my porch. And of course they aren't loaded to the computer.

I have known that I needed to go and get a root canal done since this summer. I have been putting it off as long as I could. Well, my sinus's have been going crazy and in turn the pressure is on the tooth that needs work. I am medicating with sinus pills and tons of sleep. I hate taking meds.... they always make me so sleepy. Even today I have already taken a nap.... and I could go back to bed right now. Not good! Plus, eating has been a nightmare. Every time I eat or drink anything I am in pain. It goes the entire top set of teeth, into my jaw and down into my bottom teeth. Monday, I am calling to get an appointment. This sucks so bad..... I hate the dentist.... I would rather go to the doctor and that ain't saying much!

Grim and I were able to get the monsters pumpkins. The farmers market had buy 2 get 3 free. So of course I bought 10. That way the monsters will get there fill of carving. I am making them wait till tomorrow to let them start. That way I can cut some of them up tomorrow night and put them in the oven...... Yep, I am going to cook down the jack o lanterns....  Now mind you I have never done this before, but I think that they should be ok to use in this fashion.

Band monster is at her last competition of the year.... (well, states don't count).....(well they do, but  you know) It is the longest day. She won't be getting back to the school until 11:30 tonight. Those kids have been there since 9am this morning. With the weather turning now, they are going to be frozen band monsters. At least it is the last one.... State finals are inside and they will be competing at like 9am.... So they will just have to be up early....not up early and out till the wee hours. Yeah...... Marching season is almost done!

Oh, I can't believe that I almost forgot.... Grim, my brother and my friend and I went to a film fest! The movies are shorts and all done by independant film companies in my area. A friend of mine did the fx makeup and some of the special effects. The films were kewl. I really had a great time. As this isn't something that we would normally do. They are going to be doing this more. So I think that we will be attending more film fests in the future.

November is a super busy month for us. Of course we have doctors and therapy. But Mouthy monster starts off the month with a birthday.... I can't believe my baby is almost 7. Then we have a party the next weekend. Then it is the anniversary of my dad's passing we go to have dinner in the town that he absolutely loved... The following weekend we will be going to the amish community. And of course Thanksgiving the next week.... Every weekend is full. I really need to crack down and get to my holiday baking.... Last year I was in such a rush I didn't enjoy any of it.

I also joined a challenge.... It is the freeze yer buns off!

I have committed to 62 during the day and 58 at night. I wanted to join last year but I didn't think we could do it. But we worked on our own. The only time the heat got turned up was when we showered. And with that we showered one after the other so that once the heat was up it was only for that short time. Our heat still hasn't been turned on. Even though it was very chilly in the house today. I'm trying to hold out until Monday. We are suppose to have our first snow on Friday.

Gotta Run,