Friday, October 15, 2010

Bats in my Bellfree

Today is the last day of therapy this week for Grim. I know he is looking forward to the weekend and a break. I was able to get the nerve block tube out of his neck..... BLAHHH! For those of you who know me already know that this was no easy task. I hate anything to do with any of that stuff. I got the damn thing part of the way and almost passed out. Then he said that he could feel it and that it was starting to burn. So back to it I went. They told me that it was just under the skin and it would be no problem pulling it out. The thing was in his neck/shoulder like 6 inches.....ewwwww!!!! That has now been conquered! YEAH!!! The only thing is that now he feels his shoulder and it is really a pain. He is on pain killers and anti-inflammatories. Long road to go.

Now on to the bats. I will save vampire stuff for another post but this one will be strictly about bats. I know that bats tend to gt a bad rap. If they get into your house they can become quite the nussance and they do pose health risks in that close proximity. But overall bats are a great little creature to have around. They are very helpful getting rid of misquitoes and other pests. Plus, they are neat to watch flying around at night. The problem is that most of thier natural habitat is on the decline due to urban sprawl. If you would like to help bats out you can build a bat house. Here are some plans.
Bat house plans from several different places
Installing a Bat House
Florida Bat Conservancy here

Now on to the costumes and crafts
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And without further ado.... Here are the recipes.... I just love boiled bat don't you?!?

Bat sandwiches @ Food Network
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Gotta Run,