Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday Chores

As usual since Grim has been home I have been so very much off of any type of schedule. We got the monsters to school then off to therapy for Grim, now we're home and I need to get some stuff done. I'm going to get the bread going, then while that is rising I have laundry to do, once that is hung I will head out to the garden and commit gardencide once and for all. Then I will get the garlic planted. I know high hopes and dreams. But someones got to do it. I also still have a laundry basket full of jars that need to be emptied and washed. And of course the freezer still needs to be cleaned out. At least we know we won't be getting a deer this year so I don't have to rush with that part.

Monday ~ Bread and cleaning
Tuesday ~ Laundry and sewing
Wednesday ~ Canning-winter / Gardening-summer
Thursday ~ Baking and cleaning
Friday ~ Errands
Saturday ~ Family day
Sunday ~ Jammie day

I also have to make a big note and stick it somewhere to go to the farmers market on Nov.1st. I am hoping that they will be giving away what is left of the pumpkins, well I can hope!

Here is the list of what needs to get done before the end of the month:
Clean out freezer
Clean out garden
Plant garlic
Switch out summer for winter clothes
Get pumpkins to carve
Finish shawl
Start on knitted hat for etsy
Get the etsy store going once and for all
Fill 3 boxes with donation items and take to donate
Get dog back to vet for check-up
Make chicken stock and can
Make zucchini bread for freezer / Christmas-Yule gifts
Clean off desk / wash-dust and re-organize
Sew at least 2 aprons for etsy
Make pattern from vintage apron just bought

Gotta Run,


Mother's Moon's Message said...

so understand where you are coming from... I have been off schedule this last week and am ready to get back on track.... you just have to love Mondays...

Jenna Gayle said...

You've got a nice list there! I think about half of it is also on my list :) I'm doing garlic this year, too. It's my first year so I hope it goes well! Good luck with yours!