Thursday, January 7, 2010


We finally have snow! It has been coming down since around 11am with no signs of stopping. We have gotten maybe 4 inches. But that makes me so happy. I love the sparkly, clean, bright white snow. Everything looks wonderful. Now I know for those that have to drive in it, I feel bad. But the monsters are hoping for a snow day tomorrow. And if it happens I won't have to leave to go anywhere until 5pm. Then the plows and the salt trucks should have done a great job clearing the roads.

Thank you all for the well wishes for my littlest monster. Her nose has already started to heal. Grim changed the bandage today and said it looked a lot better. I can only change bandages if no one else is around. I get so sick to my stomach. And it's not just a family thing, anyone's boo boo's make me sick. I know you all wanted to know that nasty tidbit about me.

I need to really get cracking on this basement. I have some really high hopes for it. But can't do anything until I get off my arse and get rid of stuff. Cleaning is the easy part. Going through stuff to see if I absolutely still might possibly one day down the road need it. LOL! I went through the house a couple of years ago and tossed out and gave away so much stuff the garbage men were leaving me hate notes and friends stopped answering their phones when I called. I was a pack rat, on the verge of being a hoarder. Due to some personal problems, I had the opprotunity to take a good hard look at my life and see where some desperate changes needed to be made. And I made a ton of them. As with anything the clutter creeps back into our lives when we're not looking. So game plan and lists here I come.

Gotta go and hang that last load of laundry for tonight. And maybe empty out a box or two.

Gotta Run,


faerwillow said...

~enjoy the snow...i wish for just a sprinkling over our way! as for decluttering and cleaning best of luck...i just did some and still haave a long road ahead of me...but feels so good to rid yourself of things that are just lingering with no purpose any more in your home...brightest blessings~

Mother's Moon's Message said...

love your new look Yart... very nice... glad to hear you have snow... it is so beautiful when it is falling silently and then the beauty it creates.... enjoy yourself and stay warm..

mrsb said...

I love snow when when it first comes down! It's the afterward, when it's all funky and dirty and won't go away that makes me crazy, lol!

Rue said...

So glad to hear that your daughter's nose is healing - burns are scary things!

I'm glad you are enjoying your snow. Wish I could send you ours too - but the weather is supposed to warm next week, so it should be melting by then -yay! Do enjoy though!