Sunday, January 17, 2010

Little Things

I was sitting here knowing that I needed to write something... For my own creative mind! But I felt a bit disappointed in the fact that the more I try to do to get away from the dependence on chemicals and poisons I'm still not doing it right. I just found out that the vinegar that I'm using is possibly made out of petroleum. Seriously, I mean here is a simple product that has been around for, forever and big business doesn't want to use the right stuff to make it. It is not cost effective to make it with fruits?!? Am I the only one who this this is BS. I know I'm not, if I were I would be a crack pot on the internet. But I'm not, I am part of something bigger. I am part of a movement to bring our way of life back to something sustainable, something that we can be proud of, something to strive for. More and more people are joining this movement even if they don't realize it. They may be planting a tomato plant because they see the First Lady planting a garden. They may be learning how to knit or crochet to make a hat or scarf for the needy. No matter the little things it will create a huge thing and we can all benefit from that. Ok, jumping off the bandwagon, but not for long. :O)

One of the things that is my sidebar to learn about this year is cooking on a wood stove. Now mind you I don't have a wood stove. But I plan to one day and I feel that this is knowledge that will benefit me later in life. And as usual I have stumbled on a site (Our Plain and Simple Life) that talked about using a wood burning stove and also gave some great sites to check out. Granny Miller: Cook Stove Basics
Cooking on a Wood Cook Stove
Here are a couple of sites that I found to add to this also
Cooking on a woodstove
Good Time Stove Co.
Three different (and delicious!) woodstove recipes

I went to the Health food store last night. I got several things. I picked up a package of wheat germ, tapioca, millet, tahini, zesty sprouting mix and Co-Q-10 for Grim (per doctors orders). I have never used any of these items before. I bought the wheat germ to add to ? wasn't sure until I read the package. I can use it as a filler in hamburger as well as in baked goods, lots of possibilities. Picky monster had asked when I was in the cupboard moving around the puddings if we had a tapioca, since we didn't I bought some to make for her. The millet I bought because I saw this yummy looking recipe at "A Home Grown Journal" for millet loaf with onion gravy. Since I need to get more grains into our diet. I figured that this would be a great start. The tahini I bought so that I can make homemade hummus. I have been putting it off for so long, I figured it was time to try and make it. The sprouting mix I bought because I really don't want to have to buy iceburg lettuce from California all winter. I'm trying to stay close to home with the majority of my shopping. It's not the 100 mile diet but at least I am conscious of my purchases. And the doctor told us that he has heard really good things about taking Co-Q-10 with the cholesterol medication, so we are going to give it a try.

Gotta Run,


Paula said...

You sound so much like me. LOL..always wanting to try new things...get around to it, fall off the wagon and then do it again...

I didn't even think about where the vinegar came from will be checking that right least we try right?

Melonie said...

Iceberg lettuce is a nutritional wash anyway. LOL Ignore that stuff - start some baby greens in a little container in your kitchen. You can grow mesclun mix, spinach, and a variety of "cut and come again" lettuces right there in a kitchen window or under a grow light all winter long. Depending on your weather and space availability you could do it outdoors in a cold frame too!

I did some fun grocery shopping this weekend too. Sounds like a lot of us have the urge to make 2010 the year we really kick the processed "crud" to the curb. :-) Keep up the great work!

Melonie said...

How funny - right after I read your blog post I read this one on Vikki's Verandah about millet! Here's another way to use your millet :-P