Friday, January 15, 2010

Healthy New Year

January has always been the month for doctors around here. And since we have already made a trip to the ER this year is no different. As you know mouthy has had to go to the pediatrician after her burn. She also has to go back to get her last set of vaccinations, before the end of the month. Teenage monster has an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon to see what he is going to do about the screws in her leg.... Can you believe that it has been just over 6 months since she broke her leg. I have my yearly exam that I have put off for the past couple of years..... Yes, I know better, but at least I'm going.

This month is no different for Grim either. I don't know if I have ever mentioned that Grim has heart issues. He has damage to the upper quadrant and he has a 30% build up of plaque in his arteries. The damage we aren't sure what caused it because he doesn't have high blood pressure and he isn't diabetic. That is all irrelevant really, the damage is done and now we have to deal with it. Since we found out about the damage we have been seeing a cardiologist. The last time we went to see him, he basically said that you need to do this and this or die. The this and this was take this high dose of a cholesterol med (they make Grim sick) and go vegetarian. Neither was an option, so we have found a new doctor for Grim. We went to see him yesterday. He wants Grim to go for tests so that he has a make current evaluation. He took the time to talk to us and answer all of our questions. Grim had blood work done yesterday and has to go today for an echo cardiogram. He will also be going for a sleep study, nuclear stress test and a weight loss program. I really like this doctor, he at least seems concerned about the same things that we are concerned about. And he was cool with the vitamins that I have gotten Grim to take. As a matter of fact he was like I would have told him to take the vitamins if he wasn't already on them..... Yeah! Another plus is this doctor is right out of the hospital that is in town.

Now that he will be all taken care of I will be making an appointment with the foot doctor. My ankle is still no better. But it really isn't like I can kick my feet up all day and heal.... Or can I?!? Hmmmmm! LOL! I had to go around this time last year also. That was for a sprained big toe..... now isn't that the funniest thing.... I did it on the treadmill and that's how I think I did this injury as well.

Gotta Hobble,


Melonie said...

The new doc sounds great! I hope he can help get Grim situated with something more constructive and helpful that suits your family's lifestyle too. I know going vegetarian sure wouldn't happen with my hubby. ;-)

Wishing you all wonderful checkups and good health for the rest of the year. Now get off that ankle! :-)