Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Nightly Ramblings

Well this is just a quick post for tonight. I was able to get 5 pints of hamburger done last night. But I did it to late so today I didn't want to do anything. Sitting babysitting the canner just took it out of me. I did get dishes, laundry and dinner done for today. Not much else though. I still need to fold the laundry, that can be done when I head up to watch some tv before bed.

I also worked more on the afghan. Only 2 more skeins left to go. I think that it is turning out very nice. I know I keep promising to post pictures of it. I will by the end of the week cause it should be done by then.

That's about it for tonight.


fullfreezer said...

I'm impressed at how you have become a canning fanatic so quickly after getting your canner. They probably have support groups for that somewhere ;)

Yart said...

LOL! That is why the family is calling me the madd canner... But I really do enjoy it.