Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursday Morning

As promised we had leftovers. Everyone like it. Plus we didn't really have a choice it was either that or nothing as we had to spend almost 2 hours getting stiches last night. Teenage monster was doing dishes and broke a glass. Needless to say she ended up with 9 stiches and a couple pieces of steri strip, and antibiotics. So it was such a good thing that I just had to pop it into the oven and reheat. She is doing ok. Sent her to school with a note about if she can't hold her pencil she can bring the work home and we will do it.

So far this morning I have got the bread dough rising, exercised my mile and got more of the afghan done. I am dreading taking the laundry down. When the monsters were cleaning the room I had them toss all of the socks in the wash. So now they are all clean and I don't want to have to match them. LOL! I have to do more laundry today.I think only 2 loads. That is great. I got the towels done in the last batch so very little laundry.... Woo Hoo! I guess I do something with laundry everyday. It doesn't generally take long to do. It is just everyday and I think that is why it gets so tedious.

I found another paid to click site. They pay right into your paypal account. It is called Storm of Cash
I am working it right now as I type my blog. Like I said before these are not get rich schemes. They take some work and you make something.

I go at 3 today to get my canner tested. I am so excited about it. I just can't wait. I think I will have to wait until Saturday before I will have the time to do anything with it. And even then I have to get started early as I have plans Saturday night. I'm still thinking that I need to make turkey soup. As the bones and the meat are in the upstairs freezer taking up room. I hope to get at least a full canner load for the first time. Then Sunday I will have all day.

Tomorrow is the fish fry...Oh boy. I do get tired of working them. But it is a volunteer thing so I really can't complain to much. Plus I like most of the people that are there. It is just that with most volunteer organizations you only have a few people who do the majority of the stuff. I wish a few more people would step up and help out once in awhile. But the good news is that we are done the end of April not to start back up until September. It will hurt the Legion as they won't have the money coming in but I think they can come up with a few other things to bring in the money. Lent is coming also so that will help. The last couple of weeks we haven't been getting the crowds like we were last year. Maybe just a sign of the times.

That's all for today.


fullfreezer said...

Hope your teenager is doing well. My last trip to the ER was to meet my teenager who had wrecked her bike on her way home from school and was being brought in by ambulance- not fun- but then ER trips generally aren't.
I feel the same way about laundry- it seems to be never ending. I don't mind washing and hanging but I hate folding and putting it away.
You'll love your canner. I just got mine for Christmas and have only used it once. I need to practice again before I really need it.