Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday Bread's

Well, I didn't make any yeast bread but I did make waffles & two loaves of applesauce bread. I haven't made any sweet bread in a couple of weeks so I thought it was time. I still have two loaves of sandwich bread so hopefully that will last if not I'll have to make more later in the week.

On the pressure canning front. I did 7 quarts of chicken soup. Chicken, onion, garlic, carrots, & celery. Today I have started hamburger. It was in one of those chub things. It didn't even have a sell by date. I know that it hasn't been in there longer then a year. Nothing has been in there that long. I cleaned out the freezers last year at this time so it is all still good. But I digress. There was no sell by date. So into the pot of water it went along with onion, garlic and pepper. Yes, I boiled it. It is a much easier way to cook 5, 10 pounds or more. So that is done and the liquid is sitting out in the frigid temps cooling so I can defat it. Once that is done I will use the liquid to add to the jars of hamburger. I think I should at least get 4 pints. I will be happy with this as it will be the first beef that will go on to the shelf.

Tomorrow I will be doing green beans. I have a couple of quart bags in the freezer. I think they are better suited for the shelf. So that is where they are headed. I have bags of tomatoes in the freezer also. I need to make up chili and can it up also. That will be one day this week. Oh, and I found a stash of kidney beans I figure will look nice in jars also. Tons of work. But I am enjoying every bit of it. They are calling me the "mad canner" LOL!

Since it is Monday all the stuff that I put off on the weekend has to be done. I have laundry to fold and laundry to wash and hang. I got all the dishes done and the kitchen is almost spotless since I am in there so much babysitting the canner. LOL! I was lazy this morning and didn't make the bed. So that is on the list of to do. I need to wash the stairs and the basement floor. But I will see when I have the ambition to do that.

Only have a couple of commitments for this week, fish fry on Friday, 2 desserts one for the Legion and one for a fundraiser for the band. Other then that I am free and clear to do what ever all week. Which means maybe I can get more of that afghan done. Also could start on all of the sewing projects that need to be done around here.

Didn't walk on Saturday but I did get my mile in yesterday. You would think that I would be use to walking a mile and should be able to increase but I am winded after the mile. Maybe I will try and get on there twice a day and see if that does any good.

We are going to have fish tonight for dinner with french fries. Last night we had chicken baked in salad dressing, stuffing, corn and left over mac and cheese.

Gotta run,