Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Today is my 15th wedding anniversary! It hasn't always been easy or fun but it always has been an adventure. My darling Dh and I have been together for 20 years.... Wow! Where does the time go. I remember making plans for the future, when we would get a house, have kids, places we would travel to and things we would see. That was yesterday right? 3 kids later, a house in suburbia, a few animals and still looking to the future dreams, I think we have done really good with what our lot in life.

I am on my second day of onions. The whole house smells like onions. When I ran out to get some thing earlier I smelled like a line-backer that hadn't showered in weeks. Pewwww! So tomorrow I am going to take a break from the onions and do some garlic that I found that fell out of sight. I already cleaned it. Just cut it up and put into the dehydrator. Well, maybe I will add a tray or two of onions... LOL! I still have a ton to do and just found out my mom still has most of her bag also. So gotta get crackin'!

Tomorrow I have to make cherry nut bread. I have the recipe written down. So I have to find it before I can post it on here. The monsters opened up a big jar of marachino cherries now I have to use it up. But that is ok, I can freeze the loaves we won't use right away. I think I am going to finally make that applesauce bread also. I am hoping to get away with not having to make sandwich bread till the weekend. I only have Saturday to get it done. As Sunday I have a pork chop dinner at the Legion to attend. We the auxiliary are hosting so I can't miss. That is ok, as I won't be there for the fish fry this week. To many other responsibilities, this week.

Got all of my laundry caught up. Now I have turned my attention to the monsters room. Boy, oh boy! What a mess it is. We are going to go through all of the clothes, toys and garbage. I hope to be done with thier room by Wednesday of next week. I have to wash the walls, wash the carpet, move funiture.... all the fun stuff. Mouthy monster's room isn't to bad. Will get that done by next weekend. Plus I have to get all of the bedding washed. I love having the extra clothes line. It make washing the linens so much easier.

Talk to you all later