Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday Rambling's

It's monday night and I am just beat. I know I talk all the time about being tired. But I seem to do way more then I type about. Worked the fish fry on friday night. We didn't do to many dinners. I wasn't able to help out all that much. I have problems with my wrists and with all the work I have been doing around the house I strained the left one. So here I am taking orders and being able to do much else. But I was there so that is all that matters. We went out after up to the local bar. Stayed there for awhile. I got to be lazy all day Saturday as my Valentines Day gift.... LOL! But it was wonderful. We even got Chinese food for dinner. Then Sunday, I was back to work. I finally cleaned out the closet of holding. It took all day. I still have some things to tweak. Plus since most of the stuff had to go into the bathroom that got reorganized also. Today, I finished my bedroom. I just had to move one small unit to vaccuum behind and wash back there. So that room is done till fall. Also helped the monsters with that room.... Yuck! I hate helping the monsters their room is always such a pig sty. Sorry Pigs for offending you! LOL!
Sunday we ate leftover Chinese food and tonight we had pizza. Tomorrow night I will try and make calzones as the monsters will be gone all day. Yeah! I have been keeping up on the laundry. And I have even got more of the afghan done. Once I start on the solid color I will get a picture of it.
If your wondering why it is a light week so far. Well, I am taking it slow as I know once I get the canner tested I will be a canning fool. I can't wait. Oh, I almost forgot. I was shopping the other day. I found 2 pounds of strawberries for less then a $1. They were on the bottom rack in the back of the discount rack.... I think someone was hiding them. But I found them. Once I got them home I cleaned them and tossed them to the dehydrator. Now I have a whole jar of strawberries for cereal or oatmeal or a batter of some kind. I also tossed 2 sliced apples in to see if we liked them. Not bad but next time I will add some cinnamon or sugar or both. They are kind of flavorless, but maybe they will taste better once they are rehydrated.
I think one day next week I will have to make more laundry soap. Now that I know how much to use this batch should last me a lot longer. I made the last batch the end of November and it will be almost the end of February. Four months and next one should last at least 6 months maybe longer. Considering that it costs just pennies to make. Now I'm not a mathamatician. But I know buy the detergent was way more expensive. Plus, I use vinegar as the fabric softener and they seem just as soft as with the commercial brand.
I have been going like crazy on the treadmill. At least 1 mile everyday. I still haven't lost any substainsial weight I have lost inches. So at least I know that something is happening. Slow and steady!
Tomorrow will be more work around here. Maybe calzone's for dinner. Just have to wait and see.


Juli said...

I truly understand about being so tired some days. But for me it's usually a good tired :)

all the food sounds delicious !