Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Day with the Amish

We had a great time yesterday. I was able to get the 18 half-gallon jars that I wanted and the cabbage crusher thingy... LOL! I wasn't able to get the sweet mustard but thanks to Skippymom I have several recipes to try! We did get to the bulk store. If the monsters would have sat in the car I would have bought more. But they were tired by that point. I did get a ton of stuff though. Here is the list:

bollion cubes chicken, beef & vegetable
orange lentils
soft white wheat berries
black beans
chicken corn noodle soup
wheat germ
ready potatoe slices
split yellow peas
vegetable flakes
graham cracker crumbs
hard red winter wheat berries
mustard seeds
garlic powder
onion powder
clear jel
corn starch
blueberry muffin mix
whole egg solids
50 lbs of unbleached & unbromated flour
Silver Jimmies

Grim had a blast running the vac and seal to seal all the jars last night. Now they are air tight.  I love when the family gets involved with the prep work. It makes it so much easier. While Grim was doing the vac and seal, we got talking to the monsters about putting marshmellows into the jars. So we dug out 2 differnt bags and vacusealed them in the jars. Had to do it a couple times since they want to try one after it did its thing. They said they tasted very fresh after the vacuseal.

As I type I have the pressure canner going. Yep, I got on that turkey. 3 quart jars are full of meat and a little broth and 1 quart has a little meat and a lot of broth. I'm processing at 10lbs for 90 minutes. I took the broth and defatted it. Then I put the turkey jello in a pot and slowlyyyyyyyy heated it up. I cut up and pulled apart the meat. It was added to the now liquid broth. Once that was brought to a boil I added to the jars, then into the pressure canner. I know your wondering why I just wrote the directions. I just thought you all might like to know. But remember don't take my word for it. Always check your canning guides for the recommended way to do things. (disclaimer).

I have pictures but I didn't up load them yet.

Gotta Run,


SkippyMom said...

VERY productive day I would say. Sounds like you are well stocked. I have never canned meat, but then again I am terrified of pressure cookies [why yes Yart I am a big baby ;D] Nice job!

SkippyMom said...

PS - There is something for you over on my blog. Hugs!