Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Holidays!!

School is officially over until next year! Saturday morning we went on to the Bowling Christmas parties.... All the monsters had a ton of fun!! There was comic bowl, pizza, cupcakes, gifts and a ton more food that folks brought. We ended up there for a couple of hours. We were suppose to go to a texas hold em party. But the people we were going with couldn't go because thier monster got sick. So instead we stayed home and I baked. I made sugar cookie dough for the monsters. Then I made spiced ginger cookies (new to us recipe) and almond thimble cookies. The spiced ginger I need to make more of, I only got 2 1/2 dozen and they were a huge hit. So these are going to be added to the yearly must make list. Then once the baking was done it was time to teach the older two how to play rummy. The littlest monster was spending the night with my mom. They had a good time..... I think they got it?!? But you never know.

Sunday, I got up and made a toll house dough, left out the nuts and chocolate chips, but added M&M's. It was a double batch, I got 7 dozen. I know it seems like a lot but most of the cookies will be going into gift packs. Then my mom came over and rolled out the dough for the monsters (I'm not a pastry chef, I don't roll).... The monsters had a blast cutting out the shapes and decorating the cookies. I wasn't really happy with this sugar cookie recipe. So I will have to find a different one for next time. We had a simple dinner, mac and cheese and smoked sausage. Then we watched the Muppets Christmas Carol. Mouthy monster ended up in bed early, poor thing has a cold.

This morning we were back at therapy, only two days this week! Then went to the health food store, needed some vitamins. Back home to get the dog. Off to the vet we went..... He has another ear infection and his eyes are both yucky this time.... His nails got trimmed, we were there for over two hours and I spent almost $300...... Seriously, Teenage monster had better get to being a great vet soon..... These animals are going to put me in the poor house. He is already feeling better and that is all that matters. Poor baby! And I have to work bingo tonight.... Last one for this year!

Everyone but me has a dentist appointment wednesday. The monsters to get cleanings and Grim to get a filling! Then we will be done with the dentist for this year.... Maybe, I can hope. The monsters might have a cavaty or two that need to be filled. If so maybe they can get it done before next year. Then after we get home, I need to make mini loaves of zucchini and cherry nut breads, and buckeyes. Once that is done I am done with the holiday baking.

Out of what I wanted to get done 10 types of cookies and 5 candies. I will have made 8 cookies, 2 candies and 3 types of bread. Not to bad for an over stressed mom of three.... LOL! Things always just seem to have a way of working themselves out don't they. All I have left to do is wrap a few little things and get the gift bags together. Cook the meal on the day and a bit of prep work and we will be good to go.

Gotta Run,