Monday, December 13, 2010


The other day I was complaining that I didn't seem to be accomplishing anything but was super busy. Well, here is what I had been doing that took up so much time......

First are the towels that I embroidered. The one photo will not go right.... sorry! This is the first time I have done this type of needle work in over 20 years. I'm just happy I remembered how to do basic stitches.

 Here are the 3 hats that I completed in November. Both of the variegated are the new pattern. The dark blue is a beanie type.

 This is the 10 pounds of chicken that I picked up yesterday. I raw packed it. This is a first for me. I have done burger before but never chicken. It seems to have cooked up well. So this is a nice addition to the pantry. Especially since today was the first snow day of the year!
 As promised here is the wool and my welcome letter from Jenna at Cold Antler Farm. I was so excited to start on it. When the rest of the yarn arrives next year, I will have to come up with something else. But this is going to be a scarf.
Four posts in one day, no wonder I have no time... LOL! Oh, and I am down to only 2 1/2 skiens left for the prayer shawl... One day I will get pictures of that.

Gotta Run,


Faerie Sage said...

Oh your stuff is so pretty! I like the sage one ;)
Love your stuff its so awesome, do you have any homemade how to stuff that I could link to my handmade for the holidays page?