Thursday, December 16, 2010


I just figured out how to add videos from you tube on the blog..... I know.... Sometimes it like just nudge me to get the train back on track.... LOL! So I found a ton of Christmas type videos. There are cookies and drinks..... I think I heard a preview for some show that says "I'm just having desserts and liquor"..... LOL! I guess that she was talking about Christmas.... but then again probably not.

I've been busy, busy, busy yet again.... or is it still. Who knows, right. I should be in bed, my sleep has been disrupted with thoughts of plans running in my head. This time of year is really hard for me. I tend to take on everything and run with it. It ends up being perfect but not fun or a happy time. So this year, things have been a bit different. The monsters have been allowed into the sacred alter (the kitchen). They have been taught the ways of olde! They are learning the ceremonies behind the rituals. With Grim being home it has really been an eye opener for him as well. Like I put off wrapping the gifts earlier in the week because other things came up. So the opprotunity presented itself today. And there was a second of we can wait till tomorrow.....Then I came to my senses and got to it. Good thing I did. Grim now has a new doctors appointment in the morning and we have to go and help out a friend in the afternoon. Had I waited it would never have been done.

Its things like that and the lists of what still needs to be done.... cookies, gifts, crafts, canning, cleaning, planning...... Believe it or not.... this really is a simplified Christmas for us. Since Grim still can't drive, I will be taking him and teenage monster to church on Christmas Eve. This will be the first time in almost 20 years I have been in the church for a service. I don't mind doing it for Grim, because of all the things he does for us. It's just its one more thing on the list of things to do. Bah Hum Bug! No, I don't mean it. I love the season, the sights and sounds. I'm just tired.... So off to bed I go!

Gotta Sleep,