Monday, December 6, 2010

Isn't it suppose to slow down?

I mean really. The snow is falling, but not sticking. The garden has been put to bed and the house is decorated. Everything should be quieting down now. But noooooo. That's not the case. We have been running around like crazy. Doing what I'm still not sure. Are you ever so busy that you really don't seem to accomplish anything but stuff gets done? Yep, that's where I'm at right now.

Here are two flour sack towels. I iron transferred the image on to them. I have one finished and the other one is almost done. No pictures yet.
 I have 6 of these skeleton aprons to sew up. I bought the material months ago and never got around to doing the work.
 I did finally get the turkey stock canned up. I only ended up with 2 quarts but I also got 4 jars of sterile water also. I can't remember where I saw to do this. So if it was you, thank you for the tip! But it helps to add the jars with water so that nothing bounces around and breaks.
 We took the monsters to the living history museum this weekend. It was a blast. They had people in costume, like below. There were stands that you could purchase things like, roast beef sandwiches off a spitted roast, roasted chestnuts hot off the fire, spiked hot cocoa (peppermint schnapps), spiked hot cider (dark rum) and non spiked for the teetotalers. I had to drive so no spirits for me.... :( Maybe next year.
It started to snow while we were there. It added a magical touch to the evening.
 And even though there were no spirits for me there were fires everywhere to warm ourselves by.
 A good time was had by all. They are already asking if we can go back next year! I think that this will become one of our holiday traditions from this point on. Next weekend we are going to see the Christmas lights at the zoo. It is a wonderful display!

I have to work bingo tonight. But tomorrow night we will be getting started on the cookies and candy. Unfortunately, we won't be done in one night but it shouldn't take long. Plus, I need to get all the holiday bread made. I think that will have to wait until the weekend. Maybe Saturday after the Bowling Christmas party.

Speaking of bowling. Picky monster got a high enough score in the in house tournament that she gets to go on to the city tournament in May. And we questioned about why she hasn't received any patches yet. The lady came over with a printout and we found that her computer program had a glitch. Picky will be getting at least 2 patches for her shirt. I am so happy.... She was getting very discouraged. But it's all better now!!

Gotta Run,