Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Solstice!!!

Did you see the moon last night.... I did and it was beautiful!!! So now winter is officially here, what to do.... LOL! Most of the holiday chores are done for me, yeah!!! Now we will be getting into the what needs to be done before spring thing.... LOL!

Grim and I took my car in to get the front brakes done. Then we had to walk home. It was only about a mile and about 31' out. But I got light headed near the end. After we got home I had a panic attack. God, I hate those things. They scare the bajesus out of me. Plus, I didn't eat breakfast before we went to therapy this morning and I took all my vitamins on an empty stomach.... I know, stupid!!! I'm feeling better now.

I forgot to tell you all I got the hamburger and all the chicken canned up. Very happy with the results. I got 11 pints of burger and 10 pints of chicken. My pantry is becoming more well rounded. I still have not gotten into the freezers to can up what's there. But I fear I had better soon. The light on the big freezer is blinking. So what I'm hoping is that I can get in there and clean it out, defrost it and it will be good as new. Well, I can hope. Either way it will be cleaned out and ready for fresh food!

We bought the paint for Mouthy monsters room. I was in there last week and I cleaned it all out. Toys, clothes and garbage went. Now she has room for whatever Santa brings. Of course while I was in there cleaning, I noticed that the paint is showing it's age. So another room to get done before the end of the year. I was suppose to paint the hallway over the summer, never got around to it. Maybe I will knock it off also, next week.

I'm almost feeling like I miss Christmas and it isn't even here yet.... Sounds odd I know. But being done with all the major stuff and not having to stress is going to some getting use to.... LOL! This kicking back and relaxing during the holidays is a wild concept. Who knew, the holidays could be like this.

I think I'm going to sew up some of the aprons I cut out a couple weeks ago. With them done maybe I can get a few more cut out..... This free time thing is kewl..... Oh, yeah, I'm going to make play dough with the little ones today. Here is the recipe that I will be using... and probably put together the gingerbread barn..... Yep, gingerbread barn! I got that at Tractor Supply..... I love that store.

Gotta Run,


fullfreezer said...

Happy Solstice to you as well! I'm so jealous. It was too cloudy here for us to see the eclipse last night. And I don't think I'll make it until 2094 for the next eclipse on Solstice LOL!
Hope you are feeling calmer and have a wonderful Winter!