Saturday, January 1, 2011

January 1, 2011

Wow! We made it to another year, or if your a 2012 theroist only a year to go! Yeah, I think.... LOL!

I know that today starts us on a new journey, there are new calanders to mark up and lists to make, ohhhhh the resolutions to fail miserably at.... Yep, hungover and not very jovial. So your asking yourself then why am I on the computer. Well, I want to take a moment or two to look back at 2010. It was a very eventful year for us.

Grim was in a serious motorcycle accident. Spent the rest of the year recouporating. Had surgery and is still alive to talk about it. Yes, I joke, only because thinking about the alternative is not a great thought.

We really didn't get alot done around the house, due to Grim's injuries. But we did get a rainbarrel, composter and the walkway on the boulevard paved. I got several blueberry plants (hopeing they survive, bad luck with them), planted an apple tree with 4 grafts on it, bought a pear that is the same way, but never got it in the ground (don't know if it will survive the winter). My bedroom got painted and the kitchen got finished. The garden grew, but not very productivly. This way simply because I had no time for it. With Grim and the monsters home.... We wanted to play. The garden suffered but still offered quite a bit of bounty.

Speaking of food, we were able to add more dry foods into the mix as well as more #10 cans of food. I canned several things for the first time this year, corn, bbq sauce, ketchup, and watermelon jelly. I got way better at making bread. Even found a recipe that the whole family likes and is error proof. Now if I could just get the buns right.... I know it will come in time. We even have more meat canned this year. I love the pressure canner.... I'm still scared of it.... But everytime I use it I consult the book and I follow the step by step directions and it comes out right. Fear can be a good thing, it tend not to allow complaicency to rule.

We downsized a buttload of stuff. Its on the agenda for doing the same this year. Most of the stuff was donated. Some of it we had a couple yard sales. We didn't do to bad. Got rid of stuff and made some money to boot. I still have boxes of paperwork to go through, that's a story for another day. I like this cleaner house. No one is tripping over stuff, well not all the time anymore.

With getting rid of stuff Grim and I were also able to pay off debt this year. There is still more lurking. But we are being diligent and making it go away. We were able to pay off our largest pastdue bill and that has been a great weight lifted off our shoulders. I know some might be wondering why we are buying stuff while we still have debt. It is because when we had some financialy difficulties, I called all of our debtors. I asked if I could lower the minimum payments, or forgo the interest or anything. A few were willing to work with us. The others that we are dealing with one at time now would not. They wanted what they wanted and how they wanted it. This was there right. I was the one that foolishly said that I would pay outlandish fees if I could not pay the bill for whatever reason.  And that is part of the reason that Grim and I are on the path we are on now.

Ok, sorry if that was TMI, but its out there now. The monsters had some great accomplishments this year. Teenage monster, made it through another year of marching and her band came in 5th in the state. She went to homecoming by herself and met up with friends. And she just missed her acidemic letter by a couple of tenths. (she is already lined up for it this year). Picky monster has gained so much confidence because of bowling. She is meeting new people and not shying away. And she is doing way better in school this year. I think she is finally getting it. Mouthy monster, she is gettin older and mouthier. She is still such my baby though. I just know in my heart of hearts that she is going to be the con artist of the family.....(see had you going thinking I was going to get all mushy... LOL) No matter what comes that childs way she will be fine.

With 2010 behind us, I want to look at one more thing me. I didn't get my ankle taken care of and it still bothers me. I didn't loose any weight. And I didn't learn any new skills. But what I did do was learn to overcome my hurt ankle. I was able to tone up a bit.... No really my legs are looking good... Just don't look up.... LOL! And I honed my knitting and canning skills. My oh my, my communication skills have gotten better, as you couldn't tell.

Goodbye 2010!

Hello 2011, may you hold the blessing of the past and promises of future!

Gotta Run,


SkippyMom said...

That is quite the amazing year Yart - I had no idea that Grim was so seriously injured as I am late to the game [so to speak]. We do what we have to do, eh! You are amazing!!!!!

You must be so proud of your family - I had a smile on my face just reading about how great the kids are doing and how far Grim has come.

Hugs for a fabulous New Year darling - you deserve it.