Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursday Afternoon

I have been busy trying to get stuff done. Yesterday I made the weekly bread. Good thing to, cause tonight I want to make grilled cheese and soup. It is still in the 60's after our little bout with Indian Summer yesterday. But the chill is starting to set in the basement as I type. I think I am going to look into getting electric baseboard heaters. Since we live in a town that makes its own electicity it is way cheaper then heating with gas. Once we can get the basement dug out so that it doesn't leak anymore, we will be able to finish it the right way. But until then it gets fricking cold down here.

Tonight after dinner, when I get back from dropping the band monster off, I have a new recipe to try. It is thanks to The Vintage Sage, she posted the Pumpkin Bread with Chocolate Chip recipe. It looks like it is going to be a family favorite! Then hopefully, this weekend I am going to have the monsters help to make a whole slew of items that I found over at Cat In The Moon. She posted 3 yummy recipes that I just am dying (LOL!) to try!
Homemade Marshmallows, S'Mores Hot Chocolate With Graham Crackers, Pumpkin Whoopie Pies Oh, and before you get to the recipes you get to read a ghost story... It is very fascinating! Considering that it could be true...

I have one slipper done! And I'm half way done with the second one. By tonight I should have my feet in Handmade Slippers! Then I need to adapt the pattern to fit Grim's foot. He had picked out the yarn about a month ago. He has been patient waiting for mine to get done first. Remember the orange and varegated yarn I was telling you about I am going to make a hat. Well, maybe two if I can stretch the 2 skeins. It should work. They will be mirror images. That's if I get to it.

I have been looking on line at different activities for gift giving this year. I know, but we only have a short time for those of us who either procrastinated or didn't have cash until the last minute. I have seen what is being called a recycled Christmas/Yule. Where everything is bought at Salvation Army, Goodwill, yard sales or from a charity (Humane Society). I have already picked up a couple of things. My MIL is done (yard sale find), the monsters have a couple things I've picked up so far (yard sale finds), Grim will get new ( Just because I can't buy his gift used), my mom will get ?, she has enough stuff now, maybe a gift card. With my mom that's not a copout either. There is a Goodwill in another town I might try to take a trip to and see what they have.

Well, I've rambled enough!

Gotta Run,


Barb and Steve said...

We are also doing the either make or by used for Christmas thing. We just want to be able to sit with each other & appreciate the time together. Much better than running around like crazy. :-)

Dede said...

Yea for you getting your slippers done! And just in time too. I plan on making most of our gifts this year at the holidays. So much nicer, I hope others will do the same.