Friday, October 30, 2009

I won again

I entered myself into a drawing over at The Modern Pagan. I won!!! Not sure which prize I won but WOW! This is my second time winning this month and I'm entered into several other drawings as well!

Grim, wants to get the monsters to carve their pumpkins tonight before the festivities of the weekend begin. We have to be up at Mouthy monsters school for the parking lot parade! The kids in costumes all walk around the parking lot showing off! They have a ton of fun doing it and we have lots of fun checking out the costumes! Mouthy went to school with cat ears. Now this isn't her costume... she will be a fairy with pretty pink, sparkley wings and a wand of pink satin! But since I didn't want these to get ruined before the real deal... She will be a kitten today! The reason I don't trust the good stuff not to get ruined.... I sent her to school in a brand new sweatshirt (pink) and she came home with marker all over it.... front and back!

I have to say that the lentil stew is just as good if not better the second day! I had enough leftover for a couple of lunches and another full meal. I will freeze the rest and see how that works out. Since the monsters will be gone to grama's for a few hours tonight, Grim and I will be having hotdogs and French fries for dinner.... It is quick and I don't have a huge clean up to do. Then we are going out with a blast from the past for a drink.... Gotta love facebook! We used to 100 years ago hang out so her and her DH and me and mine are meeting up tonight!

Tomorrow Band monster has an all day competition. She is going to miss out on Halloween. The other 2 will be going to grama's to spend the night. We are going to the post for a Halloween party. Grim is going as Michael Myers from Halloween and I am going as an English Tavern Wench! I love the ren fest! That is where all of my costumes come from! I need to pull it out so that it isn't wrinkled. I even have a cloak to wear so I don't freeze to death... LOL!

Gotta Run,


Dede said...

Congratulations on your win! Sounds like a fun filled weekend. Enjoy it!


Rue said...

Have a great time at your party! And congrats on all your wins!

Having a hot-dog night myself...and trying to finish carving those pumpkins!

The Soccer Moms' Guide to Wicca said...

You appear to have very good luck!!

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