Saturday, October 17, 2009

Apples almost done! 2 of 2

Well, the last of the apples are cooking down right now. Yeah! Tomorrow they will be made into carmel apple butter. Then if I get the chance I will be getting a 1/2 bushel of Jonathon's. But then again I might be sick of apples by then.. LOL! Tomorrow I also plan on working on more sauerkraut. I got 4 really big heads for $2 at the farm market the other day. This batch should turn out as the basement is now on the cool side. I also need to move the pie pumpkins down so that they don't spoil. Oh, that reminds me, I have to find out what to do with the hubbard squash?!?

Grim and I got out to the garden today. We pulled all of the plants and cover all the beds with hay. Where the corn was planted, Grim layered in grass clippings before we put down the hay. The only thing out there right now is the strawberries, garlic and a couple of onions that I left in the ground. So we will have to wait for spring to see what if any of it survives. Then we took all of the garden waste to the recycling center. I didn't feel right about composting it as it had blight.

I used a muffin tin to make brownies, tonight. It turned out to be the best brownies ever. They were even and no cutting sticky misshaped pieces to deal with. For dinner we had hot dogs, leftover chili and baked potatoes. Every one is stuffed. Only a couple hot dogs left and no chili. I like when I really don't have to cook, but no food was wasted! Now the only thing that remains in the fridge to eat up is a few pieces of pizza from the other night. That should be gone for Lunch tomorrow!

Gotta Run,


Dede said...

I too love leftover night. No waste, love it.