Friday, October 2, 2009

Great Fall Activity

Since I am still under the weather but getting better. DH and I will be watching scary movies tonight. That way I can snuggle under the blankets and stay warm on this rainy ass day/night. I will pop popcorn and pizza rolls hot from the oven. We might even pick up some pretzels.

Marching monster has a practice and competition all day tomorrow. But at least she should be home by 8pm. DH and the little ones are going to start decorating outside tomorrow. This will make mouthy monster very happy! She was upset this morning that it was already the 2nd and we didn't have any thing up yet. But she doesn't realize that most of the dust collectors I have year round in the living room are actually Halloween decorations.... LOL!

Off to watch tivo'd tv.

Gotta Run,


Domestic Witch said...

sounds like a positively wonderful night!