Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend Recap

Friday DH and I went out on the bike after taking the monsters to school. Went to breakfast. Then went and picked them up as it was a 1/2 day for the last day of school. We went to some yard sales. I got an oil lamp, 2 glass pie plates and a couple of canning jars. Then went to Dairy Queen, last day treat. Got home and went for a bicycle ride with all the monsters. Brought them home and went and got pork chops. Tried to get a tree that had been cut down. No luck though. Cooked and ate. Showered and napped. Then took the monsters to see Flicks on Bricks. It is kind of like the drive in but it is a grassy field and a portable movie screen. The monsters loved it. We saw Shrek. There are going to be 2 more before the summer is over and we are looking forward to them. After we took them home we went back out on the bike. Then hooked up with my Dear Brother and another date. Needless, to say we didn't get home until super late.

Saturday, my birthday! I got to sleep in.... Yeah! Then we went for a drive out in the country. We stopped at a road side stand, I got eggs and strawberries. Came home and had hamburgers and hot dogs for dinner. Cake was kindly provided by 2 sources. We had a fire, burned some paperwork and went to bed early... LOL!

Sunday got up fairly early. Went to the fabric store and found sheer material on clearance. I am going to make the produce bags that are featured in Mother Earth News June/July edition. Hopefully, I will be able to sell them. There are 2 farmers markets that I can set up at. So you never know. Then hit a couple more yard sales. I got an old meat grinder, a glass globe for one of the hurricane lamps, couple more canning jars and an orange hunting hat/face mask. We had meatloaf and mashed potatoes for dinner. Made the strawberry cordial. It will be ready for straining next Sunday. Then we went to the local outside track and the monsters walked around and I rode my bike around. We think the monsters did about a mile and I did 2 or better. WooHoo! Then came home and basically fell into bed.

Monday up with the sun. I have already been outside in the garden. Working on laundry as I type. The monsters are working on their rooms. About time! You would have thought I had real live pigs living in this house by the looks of the rooms. But today that all ends. We are tossing everything that is no longer good for man nor beasty. LOL! The rest will be donated.

Gotta Run,