Friday, June 5, 2009

Growing Wheat

I know I have been really all over the map with my topics as of late. That is how my mind works sometimes. I stumbled across a site on growing wheat in your back yard. Bread

So I thought that I would find out what I could about growing wheat in the yard. I have a great spot right behind the garage. It is about 4x20 feet. It should work out nicely for planting winter wheat.

Gallimaufree: Suburban Survival Has a great Blog on raising wheat in your yard. Now this blog states that I would need 400 square yards of space to get enough wheat for a family of 4. I don't have quite that much room. Well, maybe I do but I am not ready to rip out my front lawn for wheat just yet. But the way I see it that's ok. As long as I am getting something. It is better then nothing, and I am using an unusable space to grow food stuffs. No the less lots of great info on this blog. Offers more great info. If I am correct with my calculations I could grow 5 pounds of wheat in the space that I have. Not that it seems like a lot. It really isn't.

We are hoping to get the alley closed down. If we do then we will gain 9 more feet plus the width of the yard. With that added space it would be an additional 15 pounds of wheat. So I could fisably grow 20 to 25 pounds of wheat. But then again if my calculations are wrong I could end up with a whole lot more. And that is what I am hoping for. So this winter I think I will plant wheat. Even if it turns out to be a flop, I can still compost it.

Here is a video on Growing Wheat

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