Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday's Musings

It is raining like crazy out there. No thunder and lightning but a steady rain. We need it. I didn't water the garden yesterday on purpose. Because I wasn't sure how much rain we would get and I didn't want to flood the area... LOL! Everything out there is flourishing except the watermelons. They don't seem to want to grow. Maybe I will put them in a different location next year. The pumpkin plants are getting really big already. This is the first time I have grown pumpkins so it is all new to me.

The sprouts that I have going are weird. I kept them in the water overnight like the directions said. Then I drained the water and left alone. I started rinsing the next day and they had already sprouted. Now the seed shells are coming off and I have all of these little while blobs with tails. If I didn't know any better I would be waiting for them to start swimming. ;o) But they still have a couple more days in the dark before I can take them out to green.

Since it is raining I should be doing chores in the house. But I don't feel like it today. It feels like a lazy day. I had thought to get started on a scarf. But I think that will have to wait. I did manage to get the living room straightened and the cats both combed out. I have laundry going as I type. I am going to make Rustic Cottage Pie I got the recipe from Mom's Cafe Home Cooking. Does it ever look good. And it will be a nice addition to this wet, dreary day.

I decided that I can't get anymore canning jars till I start using up the ones I have empty. I have a ton of jars in boxes cluttering up my living and dining rooms. And the first couple of tomatoes will be eaten not canned. LOL! But seriously it will be a couple more months till I can start preserving more stuff. I think we did pickles in August. I got them from the farmers market. Need more shelves too. DH has been waiting for me to come up with a design for the shelves that I like. He already has the wood. So I am the hold up. :o( Soon hopefully, I will make up my mind.

I was able to get 2 more totes empties that were in the basement. I am actually reclaiming the space. Then once we get the money to put the pull down ladder into the attic I will have a lot more room in the basement. I would like to make a study area for the kids. Instead of them doing homework on the dining room table. Will have to see what can be done about that.

Well, my lazy day abounds.

Gotta Run,