Friday, June 5, 2009

Growing Sprouts

I went to this health food store that is in the neighborhood today. I have been in there before and didn't think to highly of it. But I went in today in search of Kefir Grains. Unfortunately, they didn't have any. But they did have several types of seeds for sprouting. I had previously looked into doing this but didn't know where to get a small amount to see if we liked it. Sure enough they had the jars, seeds and directions. So I got mung seeds and the directions.

The directions say to have the correct temp (70-85), the free circulation of air (1/3 of the container must be empty), and minimal light. I should be able to do this.

The Six Rules of Sprouting
  1. Rinse often
  2. Keep them moist, not wet
  3. Keep them at room temperature
  4. Give them plenty of room to breath
  5. Don't put too many in any one container
  6. keep them covered - no light.
I should see sprouts in 6 - 10 days. Should be fun if nothing else. Oh, I only paid .88 cents for 2 ounces of the mung seeds. From my understanding the mung are like the ones from the Chinese restaurant.

Gotta Run,