Monday, June 8, 2009

Challenge #2

1. Garden work: I have been working on weeding the garden & growing sprouts

2. Preserve something. I helped in the making of 2 types of beer. It is put up so it counts. LOL!

3. Food storage. I went shopping: chili, canned milk, tuna, juices, refried beans, more canned corn, 5lb flour, 5lb sugar, cans of soup, cans of tomatoes (diced, sauce and paste), 3 cases of roman. I know there is more I just don't remember all of it.

4. Other preparedness tasks: cleaned out several plastic totes, straightened out store bought canned goods, found a couple more blogs with tons of information.

5. Try a new recipe: Made chocolate chip cookies.... Everything came out of storage except for the egg and water.

6. Financial preparedness: Still working on getting caught up. Soon some of the debt will be gone.

7. Work on local food systems. I don't know if this counts in this section or not. But I am going to put it here. I got talking one of the ladies at the butcher's. Somehow we got talking about pressure canning meat. She had never heard of such a thing. I explained quickly and told her that if she wanted to do it I would be more then willing to offer assistance.

8: Learn something. This week I learned about growing grains in the yard. I also learned how to sprout seeds.

9: Serve someone. I helped out with the installation ceremony. I helped my MIL, one of the sliding doors came off the track and I got it back on for her. Teenage monster helped out both grandmothers this weekend. Mouthy monster helped the neighbor carry in her groceries.