Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday Mutterings

Well, I didn't get be in the yard for long today. DH got home from work and out the door we went. We headed to eat, then to target. At Target we got a couple of movies that were on sale for $5 (Twister & Dodge Ball), also got the monsters a couple of yard games. Then we went to Walmart. Here I picked up some food stuffs and looked at the yarn. I am looking forward to the new afghans that I will be making the winter. Beautiful colors. One is pinks and the other is blues and greens. But that will wait till the snow flies. Still have a few more things to pick up but the eggs and the freezer bags can wait.

You might have noticed that I put an ad up in the sidebar. By having this ad when someone makes a purchase of Heirloom Seeds from the Heirloom Organics Seed Company, I receive 10%. And if anyone signs up using the link here, I get 2% of any sales made through there link. I figure it is worth a shot to try them out. As this urbanstead is still trying to be more self sustaining ( no outside job for me at least ).

One last week of school for the monsters. I am so looking forward to them being done. There are a few things that we will be doing. The summer reading program is at the top of the list every year. The older kids get to do an activity and then a lock in. That is the best for the kids. The little ones get a chance to win prizes. All thanks to the local library. Then also from the library are passes to go to different museums. Lots of fun. We also have a vacation / getaway that I need to start planning. We will be gone for 2 - 3 days near the end of the month.

My one heirloom tomato has some type of bug living on it. They are pink and look like a blob with legs and antenna's. Also there are little white fly looking things, tiny. I don't think my camera will get that nice of a close up. So hopefully, they don't do to much damage.

Gotta Run,