Monday, November 17, 2014

New Season

Fall has been a fickle thing this year. Cold, rain, hot, bitter! Almost like she can't make up her mind on what she wants. I tried to hold out until the 11th to turn the furnace on. I only missed by two days. So the official start to the winter heat bills was Nov. 9th. 

We were able to get out and get all the Christmas lights up before the weather turned cold on us. I will post pictures when we turn them on. That won't be until Thanksgiving night. Even though we get them up early, we make sure we celebrate each Holiday in succession.

Life is going good. Grim and I are almost the new parents to a 10 year old brand new wood burner. This where it sits right now... We have to go and pick it up. Really excited about this purchase.

We have found a great building at Lowes. Unfortunately, Lowes is just the dealer and the suppliers dosen't travel to where our property is located. :( 16x24

No fear! We went to Menard's. They worked with us on figuring out what we wanted and they came up with a bigger structure with a medal roof for only about $1000 more. 24x24 Granted this one we have to build ourselves. Sweat Equity!!! At least that's what I'm telling myself! LOL! It will be what we want in the end. So no complaints now or in the future... As long as it all goes as planned! :P

Even though I have the part time job away from the homestead. I'm still working on my Thirty-one business. I have a fantastic deal going on right now. So here goes my 30 second pitch!

Email Me and Let's get you some stuff for FREE, while taking care of the Holidays all in one shot!!