Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Soon to be the Ides of March!

March is coming in like a Lion... I am so hoping that it just fades away and in doing so it brings back the warmth that I so actively crave. I am still walking my 10k a day and haven't missed a day. But there is only so much walking the floors I can do. I pass by the windows from one room to the other. I look out at all the snow and can feel the cold coming from the old windows. I long for the windows open and a warm breeze. I so want a gentle rain tapping at the window, with soft rumble of thunder off in the distance. 

With that still being a ways away... I started another scrap-ghan. It is in the colors of Autumn. I was really shocked how much yarn I had that would work together.

I'm using the moss stitch again. I just love it. I makes the warmest blanket. The last one I made I wish I would have made it bigger. It was only big enough to use as a throw. This one will be big enough to use as a blanket.

Oh, I took the monsters to the library last week. They were doing this thing called a blind date with a book! The books are covered in paper so  you have no idea what book you're getting. I ended up with a book called the "Anansi Boys" by Neil Gaiman. I am on chapter 6. I love this book... It is a little trying at times... but the humor makes up for it! I would definitely recommend it!

Today would have been my Gram's birthday. She was a wonderful woman. A little sprite, she was! She grew up in a mining town, married and had 6 children. When she still had 3 at home my grandfather passed away. She had no pension and had to learn to survive... Not only did she survive but she thrived. She picked up bottles on the road side, she coupon'd, she yard sale'd and resold. She leased out the back property to a neighbor farmer. She was a very ingenious woman. She would barter to get vacation cottage for the summer. She would take me with her as her traveling companion. We traveled all over. We visited with family. She taught me so much. She was such a treasure. When I was 15 she had a brain aneurysm that leaked. They were able to do surgery, but Gram was never the same. She couldn't remember names and had a hard time talking. She had seizures. And she renamed me. She would go down the list of names to find the one she wanted. But with me, once she renamed me I was to forever be known as Bridget. I loved that wee bit of a woman that she was! And I miss her terribly.

Happy Birthday, Gram!
Don't cheat the Angels to much at cards or they may not want to play with you anymore!
All my Love!