Monday, March 3, 2014

Beginnings and Ends

Yesterday, I mailed out the application for the address on the property and check! They say that once they receive it the time it will take is only 5 days. So before St. Pat's I'm expecting to be the proud owners of a Street Address! It sounds funny to say that. Even though people have owned the property before us... We will be the first to own the address. Since we can't get there to do anything or even see how much snow is on the ground! I can only imagine...

So I have to turn my attention to what's going on here.

This is the garden area... This is the first time I looked out this window all winter... In my defense it's because I put bubble wrap on the windows.... So I couldn't see out. LOL! I am going to try and put in a carefree garden this year. You know the type that will take care of itself other then for a little water. Since we will be doing weekend trips north to the property, I don't want to put to much time or energy in down here. At least for this summer. 

I will have a couple of garden areas that will need to be filled in as I will be taking the blueberries and the golden and black raspberries and planting them on the property. So that is going to free up the 5 sets of tires and the 1 bed.

But since Spring is still away's off... I have to keep busy in the house.

Firstly, I have resumed following the Flylady! She has helped me in the past to get the CHAOS under control. She will help again this time. For as lackadaisical as I seem... I am a very organized person, I even have lists & follow the calendar. So far so good! Living Room... check! Now on to the kitchen. I just wish they could put the calendar from cozi to yahoo. It would make my life easier! Just Sayin'!

The autumn afghan is all done but for tying off the ends.

The finished measurements are 45" wide and 59" long. I used Red Heart Love and Bernat. That was the only way I could get the colors I wanted. I think it turned out very nice. Now just to tie in the ends.