Monday, February 17, 2014

Where has the Time gone

Just so you know the rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated! LOL!
How has everyone been doing this winter! Man o Man it has been a doosy. My monsters have been home more then in school the last couple months or at least it seems. Our state beat all kinds of records for snow falls in January and now February. We are in the process of getting another 6-8 inches tonight. And as I type, I wonder will there be another snow day tomorrow!?!

Well, lets see what have I been up to. I was able to get 3 pairs of leg warmers done. Oh, and all the squares for the Autumn afghan. Just need to put them together. I have half of the living room done with Spring Cleaning. The other half will be done this week as I have a lilla rose party and have lots of people invited. 

I have recently been put in charge of taking care of my MIL. Over the past year she has been going down hill... But none of us could figure out why. Well, over this past month we have found out that she has been taking medication that was mislabeled at the pharmacy. Not only that but that she was actually allergic to it. We didn't find that out until she landed in the ER last weekend because she fell... and was disoriented. She was there for almost 24 hours when she requested something for pain.... Within 20 minutes of getting it she was disoriented and slurring her speech and didn't know where she was. I really thought we were going to be contacting assisted living. After a long discussion with the doctor we took her off those pain meds and she has been improving greatly. I am now making her doctor appointments and keeping track of the medication so no more mistakes happen. It is an adjustment for both her and I. But we will make it through.

I am very thankful that I am doing the direct sales, as it is giving me the opportunity to be available to my MIL now that she needs more help. Both of the companies are starting to pick up, so you never know... I might just hit my goal of $500 a month before the end of the year!

Speaking of goals. The only two that I have been hard at work on is the walking 10k a day and going paleo. I haven't missed a day of walking... The paleo has been more difficult. I have given up bread, pasta, rice and flour 95%. I have noticed a huge difference in the space between my ribs and belly button. That area is shrinking. All of my pants no longer fit me. I can't wait for warmer weather so I can get back into my skirts and it won't matter. My first weigh in is coming up. March 17th is close to the half way point. I didn't want to make it a numbers thing this time.

I know there is more and I have pictures to prove it... But I'm off to bed to await another snow day!