Saturday, December 27, 2014

Almost the end of the month!

We have had our oldest home for the last couple weeks. So we have been busy working, cleaning and just general visiting! LOL! It takes a ton of time to get caught up face to face! So lets see what happened this month?!? We cleaned, we got all the presents wrapped, we cooked, ate, worked worked and oh yeah.... worked. Went and visited my Uncle that lives in the Hospital.  Dealt with things for the VFW. Got a membership for the gym and we have actually gone a few times!

Christmas came and Grim got a pocket chainsaw.... Its so cool. When he gets a chance to use it I will report on it. He also got a shaving mug and soap. I got a blue tooth retro radio and a sock loom that uses worsted weight yarn! Love it!!! We both got more things but its to much to list. The monsters got a ton of stuff. The best thing they got was I supported the local zoo and each of them was able to be the sponsor of a vampire bat! Best gift this year!

It was just the immediate family over for the day. My brother had the flu so he was down for the count and I didn't put out the big invite like I usually do. Just to tired to cook for that many.... Plus my oven hasn't been able to be fixed yet. Hopefully tomorrow. Last night we took the monsters to zoo so that they could see the vampire bats that they sponsored! Couldn't find them. That's ok... just means we will have to go back again at a later date. Speak of dates the oldest monster went out on a date last night. I'm sure there will be more to come on that subject. Today we were able to go and get my wood burning stove. It is safe and sound in the storage unit.

We will be staying in on New Years Eve. Grim has to work the night and I have to work the day. I figure I will be in bed long before Grim gets home. At least I will feel well rested to begin the new year! Yeah, Right!

So if I don't get time to be back on here!
Happy New Year to all of you!