Tuesday, July 30, 2013

WIP ~ SunBurst

I really should be working on the scrap-ghan, since the weather has turn fall like. But it was put away in favor of warmer temps. LOL! Well played Mother Nature, well played! Any who.... I did need to get back to working on this loverly WIP. For some reason all these little puffs make me want to pull my hair out. Not sure why.

But yesterday, I got back to it and got the last of the purple centers done and got 6 of the pink centers finished. As you can see I still have all those blue to do... :(
I'm hoping that the next round will go smoother.

And when I'm doing something, at least one of the monsters wants to come and play. So as you can see the toddlers (the game Mouthy was playing) were attacking my feet. LOL! KIDS!

I'm hoping to get the pink centers all done today. Maybe even get 1 or 2 of the blue done!


I turned in the Flamboyant Afghan to the county fair people on Saturday! Keeping fingers crossed for a ribbon!!!!