Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Free Time

Not really, but I do have a couple minutes to fill you in on what's been going on here.

UN-Monster's Grad party was a success. We had tons of food and lots of goodies!! I only managed to snap a couple pictures of the cake. None of the party, I know, I know. In my defense I was making sure that the food went on without a hitch. Only one snafu, I bought a new crockpot for the party (will be used in the camper), it heated up the outside but the crook never got hot. *I took it back the next day and got another one, still haven't tried it yet* Everyone had lots to eat, that made me very happy.

I think the best part of the day was that my brother wanted to open up the pop-up. So I got the keys for him. All the guys were ohhhhing and ahhhhhing. They couldn't believe the deal that I got and how good a shape its in! I guess my brother wants me to go with him when he buys a trailer, so to help him pick out a good one. LOL!

UN-Monster had her wisdom teeth pulled out Tuesday. It went very fast and she did really well. There is some swelling and a bit of pain but she is a trooper. She got her music in the mail today for the University Band. I think she will heal so much faster having to learn the new program.

I have been keeping up with all the hard work that went into cleaning the house. It really amazes me at how fast it starts to fall apart. Now to just keep it clean. Or to win the lotto and hire a cleaning crew! Can't blame me for hoping!

Almost forgot, I drop off my afghan on Saturday for judging. Wish me Luck! And I've been working on the squares for this summers project. Its slow going, because of all the puffs.

Oh, and I'm giving my prediction for winter a little early this year. I think that I need to though. My prediction for winter is going to be early and cold. Probably lots of snow again. I know its only the end of July. Its just something I feel in my bones.