Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Back to the Grind

I have been slacking off the last couple weeks with cooking. First is was to hot to be stuck in the kitchen, then we got busy, then Grim got sick... Nothing serious just the flu.

But with the Flu, came the realization that I needed to get back to my kitchen. So I mad a pork rib roast for dinner Sunday. Monday I made chicken noodle and cabbage roll soups. Tonight I made a rack of ribs. Yum!

In most of the country there is above average temps but not here. We've been in the 70's as the high and down to the 50's at night. Totally not normal end of July weather. I mean we even have trees that are changing color already. So I was alright in making soup. 

I didn't have any chicken broth on hand so I ran up to Aldi's and got 6 quarts, 3 for each pot. Since I was there I also got celery and carrots. Once I got home I fried up some turkey and got a jar of canned chicken from the pantry. Into the pots went the chicken stock, then the meat and can't forget the vegg. This is where the pots take on a drastic difference.

Pot 1                                                             Pot 2
stock                                                             stock
chicken                                                          turkey
onion                                                             onion
celery                                                            celery
carrots                                                          carrots
      braggs spice mix                                   diced tomatoes canned
      salt                                                           cabbage
pepper                                                            salt
garlic powder                                                 pepper
tumeric                                                         paparika
   pasta                                                            rice

The chicken soup is almost gone as Grim needed it as he was so ill. The cabbage roll soup will be frozen as UN-Monster and I can't possibly eat that much. I made way more then I thought it would. That's alright as now I have soup for the winter months! Yeah!!!