Friday, July 12, 2013

Mother of invention

Grim and I have signed the final paperwork. So the property is ours. When I was up there this past weekend, I was able to see the surveyer stake.... I forgot to get a pic next time.
Since there really isn't a structure other then the pole barn, Grim & I have no place to stay to clear the areas that need to be cleared.

We decided that we would wait a couple years to build. So we kicked around the idea of a tiny house or even putting an old mobile home up there. Both are about $3000. What we did decide to do was purchase a pop up camper. It will travel with us. Once we get electric run to the pole barn we can then stay there. For now there is a state park with camping about 20 minutes away.

We got it for a really good price. Mainly because it has some damage. We opted to let them do the repairs. Just because we didn't know how much damage to expect. So I don't have it home yet. This one will be able to stay here because it doesn't hang over the sidewalk.


Sorry the picture is sideways. This is the area at the front at the tow end.

I got a new spare tire cover since the one that's there is falling apart. I'm going to have it airbrushed to say




What do you think?

Grim said I have to pull this around saying that?!? LOL! I think its great! 

Since this camper will be up and running before the classic one, this one will be the rainbow one. That way all that stuff can go right into this camper and get used right away. Plus, it give me an excuse to buy more yarn this winter to make blankets for the classic one... Now to come up with a theme for the classic one?!?


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Phelan said...

Congrats! And the damage doesn't look too bad. I'm sure you guys will have it cozy in no time.

SkippyMom said...

Very exciting. And I love what you want to put on it. Cute.

Enjoy. And congrats on the new land. :)