Monday, July 1, 2013


That is what I've been feeling for the last week. Only hours after I get up, I can barely keep my eyes open. It is a struggle to make it through the day. But I think I finally figured out what is causing this exhaustion. I'm out of my routine. My exercising has come to an abrupt halt and I haven't been eating right. I already switched my diet but I really think that my body is going through withdrawals from exercising. How sad is that... LOL!

So tomorrow I plan on getting back to my regular activities and see if that helps any. I hope it does... I have a house to deep clean, walls to paint, food to prepare, plans to make, and a trip to take. WOW, no wonder I'm spent.

To help pass the time, I have started to clean up the mess that was left from when we got home from the last trip... You know the stuff that no one seems to know where it goes other then MOM. And I was able to get to the point with the scrap-ghan, that I got the 2 skeins of cherry colored yarn. 2 rows done!!! I think I'm still going to need 4 more, though.

I got a call from the people at the county fair. They told me I sent in to much money when I sent in my application. Newbie mistake. So I need to drop another check in the mail to them in the morning. I can't wait to see if I win something... :o)