Tuesday, November 6, 2012

What I got done!

Saturday night my Band monster took 3rd in the State in their division! So proud that they were able to make it that far. The two schools that were in the top spots are big money schools... They spend more money on the music program then they do on the Football team so that tells you something.

Sunday we were able to get out and finish cleaning up the yard. All the leaves are now in a nice pile in the front of the house in the street. Our city comes by and cleans them up. We didn't get the Christmas lights up, it took way longer to do the yard then we had anticipated. But we are suppose to have temps in the 50's over the upcoming weekend. I don't mind to much. I'm trying to figure out how to come up with the money for a new inflatable for this season.... Its a travel trailer and Santa opens the door. I so want it.... But I think I need to get more lights instead. The neighbor kitty corner from us is doing the Oswald's thing... So Grim and I are trying to see what we can come up with to light up the entire corner.... LOL! I love the holidays!

Yesterday, I was able to work more on one of the Christmas presents. I had wanted to get a canner of potatoes done, but never found the time.

Today, was a no school day for the monsters! We all slept in! I love no school days, I wish there were more of them. I know most moms are like I wish school was all year... Not me, I love the freedom of having them home... But enough about that. I had to take Picky to the doctors for a physical for bowling... She passed! Now as long as she makes the team again we will be golden! Grim and I also went and did our Civic Duty and voted! I don't know if my vote will actually mean anything, but I did it and now I can complain till the next election! I know very self serving, it is what it is! :o)



Sara said...

Well... sounds like you got quite a lot done. :) I still have so much yard work to do.