Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A day finished

I worked like a dog to get more rows of the Christmas present done.... Then the call from my stomach made it impossible to work any longer....I fried up some spaghetti, spinach and eggs in coconut oil.... It was a hot, filling breakfast! Then I went back to work, row after row the gift is coming together.... About half way done now! Grim, starts to stir. He makes himself breakfast of ham and eggs. He visits with me as I work. We discuss the election, his night at work and when the monsters and I did last night. Its an easy rhythm of years together. He goes off to shower and I clean up what I'm working on as I don't want to get caught by leaving it out. Once hes done we head out to Kmart. The need for long johns out ways any money concerns. Good thing we went today. They were on sale for $6.99. So, Grim got 4 pairs of pants and 2 shirts. I was able to pickup a Christmas present. Score!!!

We go to Sonic to get an unsweetened tea and watch as they are finishing up the never ending road work. Before we know it, its time to get the monsters. Once they are in the car we hear all about their days. One passed a test, one has senior stuff to share and the other has friend drama to share! The joys of children! At home I start dinner. The pot of water on the stove to boil, the ham and the cheese are cut waiting for the pasta to cook. I run to the library and get a book that I put a hold on, its one that I missed reading to get a merit badge. Back home I get dinner mixed and on the table. We enjoy each others company, make jokes and laugh about the silliest things. Dinner is cleaned up and the monsters go off to do their respected chores and homework.

Grim, is getting his lunch ready and I'm on the computer. After he leaves I will search pinterst for more things that I doubt I will ever have time to do... LOL! It sure does pass the time, though. After I get bored of that my knitting will be calling my name... I have been putting off finishing up the dummy clasp shawl as it is getting heavy on the needles. It needs to be done as I have so many other projects that need to be started. Then if I'm lucky I will pour a glass of wine and head to bed, mindlessly watch some tv and drift off to sleep.

Good Night, All!



Katidids said...

I love that ease of years together. I can't imagine ever loosing that. Project photos please!! Are you on Ravelry?