Friday, November 2, 2012

A new month!

Grim, Band Monster and I went to a food bank yesterday as part of Band Monsters NHS volunteer hours. We spent time learning all about the food bank, which was very neat. Then we put together bags of snacks for school children. Each bag will feed a child a snack for one month. They send snacks into schools because we all know what its like to try and do anything when all your thinking about is food. This way the kids will be able to focus on school... get better grades... become something greater! Grim and I have already talked about going back to donate more time.

While we were there doing that Picky Monster was at a college recruitment for Engineering and Design. Which will be a great fit for her as she is very artistic and she is really good in math. The sad thing is only one of the schools there was interested in speaking with her and there were a lot of schools. So right now that is the school that's on her short list. Not sure how I feel about it. But it is only a couple hours away unlike Band Monster who will be almost 9 hours away. This one is my baby, yep even at 15. LOL! Oh, well.

If that weren't enough.... Mouthy Monster turned 9 yesterday! She got a stereo, a Luke Bryan CD and a Monster High doll. This weekend I will be taking her to get her ears pierced... this is a right of passage in the house. She is thrilled to now be able to sit in the front seat of the car. So let the battle of the girls begin.... Even calling shotgun doesn't help!

I have been trying to upload the pictures of the pumpkins.... Stupid Smartphone..... Here is one that Picky took Halloween Night... Of course its her's! She loves Jack the Pumpkin King!

I have a ton of canning still to do.... crocheting needs to be finished and started depending on the project..... cleaning needs to be done..... Sunday if the weather holds put out the Christmas lights (but not turn them on till Thanksgiving night).... keep watching the weather on when to turn the heat on ( yep its a game every year... I lost last year when I had to turn it on it September ). And of course I'm getting nothing done while I sit here blogging! See you soon!