Monday, December 3, 2012

Bobs and Bits

I would first like to apologize for my absence. Things have come up in real life that have made it almost impossible for me to blog about. Most of it isn't so good. And because of that fact I'm not going to fill up my blog with a bunch of BS and discord. I come here to write about the good and the accomplishments of my family. But its hard to do that when life and times just seems to not be on your side.

What I will say is that what has been happening has been pushing us to get our s**t together and get out of here. I have hinted to it before, because I never wanted to put it out to the universe just to get disappointed  That's about to change. I like my house but we are in a neighborhood that no longer fits our life style. But I think its time to ask the universe to lead the way to finding our bigger and better or smaller and wiser! You get the idea.... 

I personally blame Mercury which had been in retrograde and now is flying high in its new position ... It tends to forget about us Gemini's that are backwards to begin with.... LOL!

We hit another major milestone... The last Major Band event was held this weekend. With that being done all we have left is the countdown to graduation! I can't believe that in just about 6 months Teenage monster will be done with this chapter of her life. WoW! I know I have to stop blinking!

I'll be back soon with happy things to share!



Phelan said...

Hugs. Seems we are on a similar adventure.