Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The day ahead....

I was awake before the alarm this morning.... I didn't want to get up but that's most mornings anymore.... It cold, the skin of my arm that's peaking out of the blanket is goose bumpy. I tuck it quickly back under the blankets and snuggle back in. The warmth of my homemade blankets is a welcoming feel.... I love my bed! The alarm starts to chatter.... I need to get up before I wake Grim as he got home at 5 this morning.... Earlier then he has so I figure he'll enjoy the extra sleep. The two older monsters are in the process of getting ready and taking care of the animals. Picky says that the outside bunny fared well in her newly plastic wrapped hutch. I have the heating unit for her but we need to get a cord run so I plug it in.... Another thing added to the list.... Now I also remember that the heated water bottle should be here in the next day or two. I finish getting ready... I'm dressed in layers and layers, I have low blood pressure so I'm always cold even though the house is in the mid 50's. I keep reminding myself that its going to be in the 60's over the weekend and turning the heat on for one or two days is silly. 

We get out to the car and have to scrap the frost off the windshield.... This is a first for the season. I take a look around and all the plants that had been struggling through look like they've given up the ghost! That's fine because what's left of the yard clean up will be easier this weekend. Get the monsters to school and come back to get Mouthy.... She sleeps a bit longer as she starts later. With her up and moving, I take time to eat a banana and check to see if Proposition 37 in California passed.... It didn't, sad news for those of us that wanted to know if GMO's were in our food. I also looked to see who won the election... No real surprise there either. No time to worry about any of that I need to get Mouthy to school. Get her dropped off and come back home.

I sit at my computer and check what's going on, on facebook, read through emails and blogs. I realize that my hands are cold so I get out my fingerless gloves and start the kettle. I love yogi tea! With just a little bit of honey its my favorite! Now the sun is starting to warm the living room, with my tea in front of my I thought it was the perfect time to type. I need to get working on one of the Christmas presents, so dear friends I leave you for now, but I will be back later!