Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Did you do it yet?

I'm referring to taking the turkey out of the freezer to let it have plenty of time to thaw! I'm the queen of the fast thaw, but it is better to let your bird defrost for a couple days before. Picky pulled ours out of the freezer last night. So we should be all set.

In other news... I forgot to post that I was able to get sauerkraut made on the 21st of October... Only 2 more weeks and it should be ready to be canned up! I'm so looking forward to that. I won't can all of it though, I need to make Kapusta to freeze so that it's ready for Christmas!

We also broke down and turned the heat on the 14th of November. I'm telling you as much as reminding myself. This way Grim will know when to change the filter and I can say that we are almost a full two months later this year then last... Last year was horrible. We got hit with a cold spell and of course I got sick.... So you know I turned the heat on really early.... But this year was much better. I would have loved to have waited till December 1st.... Alas, the monsters were revolting and they smelled funny, too! LOL! I love that line!

Mouthy monster has to go back to the dentist tomorrow.... That tooth she broke near the end of school last year, well it got broke again.... Luckily it was just the filling that broke and not more of the tooth. That kid just won't be careful.

So far I have two big items made for Christmas, that's why I haven't been around lately... Just trying to get everything done in time. I still have more canning to do. Not to mention the turkey stock that will need to be jarred up over the weekend. Non stop straight through the holidays! But I love it!



Katidids said...

We caved a few weeks ago with the heater...hubby has a hard time staying warm & well, he's worth it! LOL! You're ahead of me on the Christmas shopping, I ordered a few things on line today and that's it so far