Friday, August 19, 2011


What do you do when you think there is a mouse in the house? You release the cats, buy traps or call an exterminator! I did the first two…. Let me give you a little back ground. We were gone for a week. We come home, two days later we take Teenage monster to band camp. On the way home I feel the need to get tomatoes. So we stop and buy a bushel in two containers. Once home one has to sit on the couch and the other goes into the dining room… ( open concept). Then Monday I get up to find the tomatoes on the couch half eaten. I think mice from the garden. Then the next day Grim finds a loaf of bread that is up on the buffet half eaten. Now how did the mice climb up there? Hmmm! Of course I don’t see any poo. Plus, trying to get the repair guys out here to fix the damn fridge… If you can avoid the brand LG do so… At least with the larger models. Poorly made. Anyways, the rabbit is out in the living room…. another long story. But it has taken to spraying the last couple of days also. Can you see where I’m going with this yet? Bet you can’t.

I sit on the floor next to the rabbit yesterday to talk to him… He isn’t food so I can do this. I find a piece of poo…. much larger then the rabbit poo. Behind his cage is a cabinet and under is a bit of large poo. Now I am freaking out cause the bottom of the cabinet has a hole that I knew was there when I bought the thing. Oh, god please don’t be in there! So I call Grim home… 3rd time in 10 years…. usually take care of stuff myself. He comes home we find that there are two holes in the screen behind where the fan is in the window. Then Grim bangs on the cabinet and we proceed to clean it out. No sign of it. Then we start looking for other possible hiding spots… We find ramen  and wrappers scattered under the furniture.

So we went out and got one of the live animal traps in case it is still in the house. The window has been closed and the walkway it used to come into the house has been removed. Grim thinks that this was just a nightly visitor. God I hope so! It was either a squirrel or a raccoon. We cleaned out the rabbits cage and he is no longer spraying. So I am going to take that as a good sign!

Good thing I don’t have cut rate insurance… LOL!