Monday, August 29, 2011

Much Better

Grim and I went out on the bike yesterday for the first time in about a month that I have been back there. We did over 200 miles. It felt to good to be there and have nothing to do but think. I watched the world go by. We are both sunburnt but it was such a beautiful day.

Autumn is in the air. I thought I felt a shift a few days ago. But I was so wrapped up in bs, I didn’t take the time to make sure. Today, it hit me full force. The seasons have changed once again. Apples and pumpkins will abound in the next month. So will chestnuts and acorns. I so can’t wait. We have quite a few places we can get apples from. I need to make up sauce and butter, this year! The nuts the monsters love to go and get. Who doesn’t like hitting spiky balls of death out of a tree with a hockey stick! Yep, that’s how its done. The acorns are just across the street at the neighbors house. I need to get the pantry ready for the potatoes, squashes and apples. I want to get another 25 pounds of carrots but I will can those. I might even can up the potatoes instead of storing. You never know.

Tonight when we got home I made up a chia tea syrup. Oh, my did it smell up the house. Even the Picky monster was curious as to what I was making. Since I don’t go to the local coffee shops, I’m not really sure how much money this will save. But it will give me something else to drink other then plain iced tea. I plan on trying it with the kefir to see if this is a good use for it. You can get the recipe here at The Elliots Homestead.

Today I will be finally getting to empting the jars from 08’ and the corn from last year that didn’t quite turn out. Plus, Grims truck died so we are in the process of getting him a new vehicle.



Carolyn Renee said...

Bummer on the truck, but score on the Chai Tea! I LOVE that stuff, although I haven't had it in years (because i'm too cheap), will have to check out the link, thanks!