Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy Lammas!!!

Since today is 310 degrees out, I won’t be making anything for todays celebration. We are going to eat leftovers and be happy that we don’t have to use the stove. It’s a good thing I made jello the other day…. Cause we are living off it… LOL!

I am thankful for this first of three harvest celebrations! This year I have the largest tomato plants ever…. some reaching over 6 foot high. They are loaded with green fruit waiting to become red jewels. Still no sign of watermelon, but the cantaloupe are growing bigger everyday! I am very thankful that I planted dry beans this year… They are flourishing in this heat.

There is one apple on my tree and it is not ready to pick and no grain in the fields…. come to think about it no fields either… LOL!

I wish  you all a blessed and joyous day!